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February 2016 Member of the Month: Ciaran Rogers
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Congratulations to Ciaran Rogers, our Member of the Month for February 2016. Ciaran received an Amazon voucher as a small token of our thanks for contributing tools and advice for other Members, and in the meantime earned himself 165 CredPoints. This also means that Ciaran is a "Bronze" Member so can post content without requiring moderation and can contact fellow Members in the community directly.


More about Ciaran:

Name: Ciaran Rogers

Current Job Title: Junior Design Engineer with APA Systems

Qualifications: Level 8 BEng (1st Class Honours)

I graduated from DIT Bolton Street in 2014 with my degree in Mechanical Engineering (BEng, Level 8).

I currently work for APA Systems, wherein I design layouts for aluminium facades, perform thermal modelling to determine U-Values for various profiles and perform basic force simulations for ongoing projects.

Previously I worked with DMG Engineering, where I produced As-Built drawings for ongoing projects, updated procurement logs, produced full sets of O&M Manuals and conducted regular site visits to insure the Construction Issue drawings and As-Built drawings were correct.

I have a great interest in computer modelling and enjoy working with modelling packages such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks. I also enjoy research and design work, although I have not had much experience in the area professionally, would relish the chance to delve into the area.

I have strong analytical and mathematical skills; for my final year project I performed a detailed force analysis on the forces present in the human knee during certain motions, a project that was not without its difficulties and challenges.

Ideally I would like to work in research and design with a focus on biomedical or biomechanical applications. I have a keen interest in companies such as Stryker & Boston Dynamics and the work they do to improve people’s quality of life.


If you would like to contact Ciaran please email us on support@engineeringshared.com and we will happily put you in touch.