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Autologic - Friday Fault 2 Fix: Remote locking malfunction
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Brands: BMW

Models: E90, E91

Symptom: Remote locking and unlocking malfunction




Cause: Blown fuse in the main fuse holder


  1. Replace the 15 A fuse in the central locking system (fuse F57, F56: produced until 08/2007; fuse F72, F73 for 08/2007 post production: produced since 09/2007) with a 20 A fuse, then amend the fuse details card to correspond with the newly installed fuse rating.
  2. Perform a function test by actuating the central locking system (up10x). The anti-repeat device comes into effect from 15 actuations.
  3. Locks with obvious damage will stand out due to irregularities in their operation. For example, by working significantly slower, or emitting noises, etc.
    1. If the faulty lock has been identified and is located in one of the two front doors, both front door locks must be replaced. (Driver's door and front passenger door are included in the replacement part package.)
    2. If a defective lock is identified in one of the back doors, only the defective lock itself needs to be replaced.
    3. If one faulty lock is found at the front and one at the back, both locks at the front must be replaced and just the one at the rear on the door concerned. (Driver's door and front passenger door are included in the replacement part package.)
    4. If no defective lock can be identified, after a short wait of two minutes, the central locking should have activated again as in step 3.
  4. If it is still not possible to identify a defective lock, the system is in full working order, and none of the locks should be replaced.
  5. Door lock replacement requires use of the special tool. When replacing, make sure the door lock is lined up against door bores.

Courtesy of Autologic: www.autologic.com