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Autologic - Friday Fault 2 Fix: Rear Air Suspension Sinks Over Night
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Brand: Peugeot and Citroen

Models: All

Symptom: Rear air suspension is at lowest possible position, air suspension light on dash, message on dash displays suspension failure or faulty, fault code descriptions of compressor relay.



Cause: Wiring or component failure


  1. Read Air Suspension fault codes. Are there any codes with descriptions relating to compressor relay and/or ride height sensors?
    1. No: Please call the Autologic Technical support team
    2. Yes: Go to step 2
  2. Check all suspension Airbags and pipes for leaks using leak detection fluid. Are there any leaks?
    1. No: Go to step 4
    2. Yes: go to step 3
  3. Repair all leaks and retest. Is the fault fixed?
    1. No: Go to step 4
    2. Yes: Fault is now Fixed
  4. Check all rear ride height sensor’s connections are clean and tight. Using your Autologic device, access suspension ECU parameter measurements and vehicle height information. Check the height and movement data while lowering and raising rear vehicle body height – do these values change with vehicle ride height movement?
    1. No: Go to step 5
    2. Yes: Go to step 6
  5. Obtain correct wiring diagrams from PSA Servicebox website and carry out wiring checks from sensors to the suspension ECU. Repair the wiring or replace the sensors. Has this repair fixed the issue?
    1. No: Go to step 6
    2. Yes: Fault is now fixed
  6. It is possible that the exhaust valve on suspension air compressor has an internal fault. You should consider replacing the compressor following the correct repair method as outlined on the PSA Servicebox website.

Click below to go to the relevant PSA Servicebox website

Peugeot: http://public.servicebox.peugeot.com

Citroen: http://service.citroen.com


Courtesy of www.autologic.com