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Autologic - Friday Fault 2 Fix: Lack of Power Turbo
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Brand: Land Rover

Models: Range Rover/Range Rover Sport 2007 to 2009 TDv8

Symptom: Vehicle operator reports a lack of power and vehicle enters a limp home state. May also cause ABS and suspension warning lights to come on.



Cause: After a fault scan of the vehicle, various turbo fault codes are logged. Suggests Turbo failure, split induction hoses, EGR valve fault, MAP or MAF faults



Initially, check MAF readings using the AssistPlus. These should be approximately 100g/s on each bank, with the engine at idle.

Readings significantly lower than this indicate the bank which has the problem.

Check all induction hoses on this bank for leaks. Check EGR operation on the affected bank.

MAF sensors can be swapped to check for faulty MAF sensor.

If all of this is OK, remove exhaust down pipes from turbos and check for excessive oil in exhaust and damage to turbos.

Damaged turbos could be a sign of a lubrication fault.

  1. Check turbo oil feed and drain for any restriction
  2. These engines have two sump plugs. Remove the secondary sump plug and check there is a good flow of oil through the turbo oil return and sump.
  3. If their turbo bearings have broken, the induction system must be inspected for any debris that could cause further damage.

Courtesy: www.autologic.com