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Autologic - Friday Fault 2 Fix: Electronic handbrake inoperative
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Brand: Renault

Models: Scenic 2, all models

Symptom: Handbrake warning lights on/loss of communication



Cause: Water ingress via various entry points

Fix: Removal of block connector, repair wiring and rectify water ingress

  1. Attempt to establish communication with parking brake ECU using the AssistPlus
  2. If no communications are established, then remove n/s/f seat/trims/carpets to access fuse box under floor (Renault designation 1531) and check main 25-amp parking brake fuse (fuse position no.1).
  3. If the fuse is okay, inspect connector block R2. There are two parts to this connector, one green and one blue. The connector is located next to the fuse box.
  4. If R2 connectors are damaged, obtain wiring diagram for said circuit. Note: colours change through the block plug, and the Renault wiring diagram does not show the complete block plug, only specific circuits running through it.
  5. If the cause of the fault is water ingress, strip out the interior and locate cause of the leak. Carry out appropriate rectification.
  6. Remove block plug R2, and damaged wiring and repair using soldered crimp connectors at stepped intervals along the loom.
  7. Test affected circuits and carry out systems/communications check using the AssistPlus. Clear any stored fault codes.

Courtesy: www.autologic.com