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Autologic - Friday Fault 2 Fix: Drive Systems Common Faults
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Brand: Mercedes

Models: 211-203-219-204-164-251-209

Symptom: Lack of power (may be OK for a while if ignition recycled), code: P2510 -001

Code p2510 -001 check component y77/1 (boost pressure regulator) positioner signals fault.

Code p2510 -001 can also present with p2616 (B60) exhaust back pressure too high.



Cause 1: Exhaust manifold breaking up (damaging the turbo)


  1. Check the exhaust manifold. Triangular joint seams can break up and damage the turbo.
  2. Remove manifolds and inspect if necessary,
  3. If the exhaust manifolds need replacing the turbo must also be replaced


Cause 2: variable vanes on turbo seizing


  1. Try actuating the turbo actuator Y77/1 via actuations in Autologic
  2. Replace turbo if necessary


Cause 3: Y77/1 electronics turbo actuator faulty.


  1. Worm gear in the turbo actuator Y77/1 can wear out
  2. If the turbo actuator is faulty the complete turbo must be replaced
  3. Also try actuating the turbo actuator via actuations in Autologic


Cause 4: This code could also be triggered by oil leaking from the orange seal on the turbo intake and falling on the m55 inlet port shut off motor electrical plug, shorting out the m55 inlet port shut off motor.


Replace the orange seal and the inlet port shut off motor


Courtesy of www.autologic.com