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Autologic - Friday Fault 2 Fix: Air bag fault
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Brand: Renault
Models: Megane/Scenic all brands
Symptom: Air bag warning symbol illuminated on the instrument panel
Cause: Various
1. Carry out fault check in airbag ECU using the AssistPlus
2. If fault codes D072 or D071 are present carry out the following steps:
a. Lock air bag using the AssistPlus and disconnect.
b. Turn off the ignition and wait 1 minute before any operations on the system.
c. Remove driver’s air bag and check connections to driver’s 1 and 2 air bags.
d. If correct, check clock spring connector for poor connection.
e. Connect ignition module ‘dummies’ to air bag connections. If faults become stored, then consider replacement of driver’s air bag.
f. If faults are still present, check connection at air bag ECU and test wiring between clock spring and air bag ECU.
g. Repair and replace wiring as necessary
h. If wiring is correct, consider replacement of air bag clock spring
i. Once repairs are completed, unlock air bag ECU and clear faults. Test system to ensure correct operation